About Continental Bakery

The breads and pastries of The Continental Bakery are works of art prepared daily from scratch by artisan bakers who really care about good bread and who rely on the most traditional European methods.

The Continental Bakery itself is like a medieval shop, where handwork and skill come together with attention to detail and natural ingredients to make the most authentic European breads in the southeast. Many of our French customers have marveled at the historical authenticity of our baguettes, reminiscing about breads from their own childhoods in the French countryside.

Nowhere else will you find such extensive use of natural starters, natural methods, and freedom from unnecessary additives and artificial dough "enhancers". All of our breads are shaped by hand and baked on a stone hearth. A loaf of Continental bread is a true masterpiece.

The flavors, fragrance and rustic appearance will transport you to another time and place, where people still care about quality and craftsmanship.