Local, Fresh, and Sustainable

Grown, Produced, and Prepared Preserving Traditional Ways

  • McEwen & Sons
  • Averiett Branch Farm
  • Petals from the Past
  • Snow's Bend Farm
  • Jones Valley Urban Farm
  • David Wright
  • Tanglewood Farms
  • Good People Brewery
  • Red Mountain Honey
  • Belle Chevre Alabama Goat Cheese
  • Stone Hollow Farmstead
  • Witt Farms

We make our own bread and pizza dough, and we mix flour and butter to make our own pie crusts. We use a rolling pin! We make our own desserts, shuck ears of fresh corn, roast our own peppers. We wash and cook local greens in a big pot! We make our own soups and vegetable stocks. We support local farmers, are active Slow Food members, and shop at Findley Avenue and Pepper Place Farmers Market.