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Meet Carole Griffin

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"Chez Lulu was born of my desire to showcase the beautiful artisan breads we were creating next door, and to share with Birmingham my own passion for the flavors and spirit of French cafe society."

Continental Bakery and Chez Lulu owner, baker, and chef, Carole Griffin has provided sustenance for her Birmingham clients for two decades. She introduced artisanal breads in the French tradition to the Birmingham area. These breads, are fashioned after those of France's leading bread maker, the late Lionel Poilane, and are huge sellers at Continental Bakery.

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"The restaurant and bakery have given me an opportunity to explore all my passions, from the whimsical decor to the bistro cuisine to the entertainment has made us an avatar of fun."

She opened Chez Lulu in bistro style, basically serving a vegetarian menu, with very few meat dishes. The bistro also features musicians of old style tradition, such as accordion players, as well as belly dancers and opera singers. The mix of old and new has attracted customers for lunch and dinner, and late into the evening.